Automotive - Carroll County

Yachiyo Manufacturing of America – A Story of “Speed to Market”

When automotive supplier Yachiyo came looking for a new Georgia location, Carroll County made the short list.

The community brought together all organizations for the meeting to answer education, workforce, and scheduling and timing questions. “Not only were they prepared to answer those questions for us, but they brought the leader from every one of those agencies to the meeting”, said Robyn Miller, the company’s senior manager.

Yachiyo, like many companies, needed to compress their schedule in order to meet customer’s demands and contract obligations.  Then a huge challenge materialized – none of the existing buildings on the company’s short list were suitable for retrofit and investment.  Carroll Tomorrow, the county’s public-private economic development organization, came back with sites for Yachiyo to consider.  Yachiyo found the right property and constructed the facility in record time.  

“To break ground, build a plant and move into full mass production within 10 months is unheard-of”, said plant manager Rob Davyduck.  He and Miller credit the well-organized approach in Carroll County to deliver their project in record time.

(Sources: Carroll Tomorrow 2014 Annual Report; Atlanta Business Chronicle)