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Workforce Education – A Vision for Carroll Tomorrow

In 2011, Carroll Tomorrow began its new five year plan, with Workforce Education and Development listed as a primary focus. Over the next few years, with education and industry partners at the table, the Blue Ribbon Task Force was created and developed their plan to create as many opportunities and eliminate as many obstacles as possible so every student will have a greater chance of successfully completing their studies and finding gainful employment.

The key areas are to focus on career development and implementation skills to enable young adults to be high achievers, to motivate our youth to use their interest, knowledge and natural talents and skills to develop a sustainable career path and to work with all partners and stakeholders to create a suitable and effective model for economic development that results in career/job opportunities.

As a result of this initiative, Carroll Tomorrow and their partners in Carroll County created or retained over 4,400 jobs, generated over $90,000,000 in new payroll and created over $686,000,000 in new capital investment since inception of the Workforce Education Task Force. The success of this program reaches the national level as Carroll County was the only Georgia County chosen by the Department of Education to be featured in an assessment as part of Harvard University’s Pathways to Prosperity initiative.